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18 September 2008.

JET came up with the non pressure pipe manufacturing plant in 2007 to produce, in the most economical and eco-friendly way, pipes, fittings and manholes in diameters ranging from DN/ID 300 mm to DN/ID 3600 mm and in lengths from 1mtr upto 6mtr and on special request even longer. The main applications for the final profiled pipe products are non-pressure applications like drain, storm drain, sewer piping systems and chemical storage tanks.

The great advantage of the development is that a profiled pipe has a very low weight, but at the same time can be used for high load applications. A lot less material is needed to produce a pipe with the same statical properties than a solid wall pipe, which means significant savings in material costs.

We have India’s foremost – world class Technology for manufacturing Spiral Pipe.

Our quality has no match as we use imported and 100% virgin raw material. These sleeves are available from Ø300 mm to Ø3600 mm. It can be use in fabricating Spiral Tanks.